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When is the No Stomach For Cancer Walk?

The No Stomach For Cancer® Walk is a worldwide event that is held on the first Saturday in November, kicking off Stomach Cancer Awareness Month® in a big way!

Where does the No Stomach For Cancer Walk take place?

The NSFC Walk is not an event that takes place on a designated course at a specific location with a start line, a set course, measured miles and a finish line. It is a day on which you are asked to wear an NSFC shirt, button or wristband while you “walk the course” of your day – whatever this is for you, whatever you want it to be – and be part of a worldwide day dedicated to raising awareness for stomach cancer. Therefore, the event takes place all over the world, wherever YOU are.

What does the No Stomach For Cancer Walk look like?

It may be wearing your shirt and wristband while spending the day at your kids’ activities, at work, at the gym, running errands, or spending time with family and friends. You can download a list of frequently asked questions here.

Alternatively, it may be just the inspiration you need to gather friends, family, co-workers and go out en masse and be noticed – and really make a statement! You may choose to walk around your city’s downtown area, a school track, a walking trail around the town, or even the local mall.

Be a visible presence in your community as an individual or as a group by getting out and helping raise awareness for stomach cancer. Engage people in a conversation about stomach cancer. Hand out your extra wristbands and Stomach Cancer Awareness cards.

Can we participate in the NSFC Walk in other ways?

Yes, definitely! Some people would prefer to unite for the cause by doing something else on that day or during the month of November… an afternoon of bowling, a Jeans Day, a wine tasting or some other activity that suits you. If you need help brainstorming other ways you can participate, contact us and we can help you.

How do I receive an NSFC Walk shirt?

You can order NSFC logo shirts and other awareness materials via the Shop for Our Cause page on our website.

How will the funds raised from the walk be used?

Funds will be used to support No Stomach For Cancer’s mission and programs.

How can I use online fundraising websites to raise more funds?

Many NSFC Walk participants have had great success in raising funds using online fundraising sites like Facebook, YouCaring, and Crowdrise.

Setting up your own page is simple. First, go to the "Organize a Fundraiser" link under the GET INVOLVED section of the website. From there, you can donate to our Official Walk Fundraising page set up your own fundraising page where all of the proceeds will go directly to NSFC. You can personalize your page with your own story and photos, and get the message out via email and social media. It is a great way to spread the word about your efforts, and gather support from people who may not be able to join you in your walk, but still want to support the cause.

Can I set up a fundraising page even if I do not participate in the walk?

Yes. We are grateful for all of your efforts in raising funds on behalf of No Stomach For Cancer. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Can I walk by myself?

Yes, in fact, many people do. We realize people are busy or may not be able to connect with others due to work and family commitments. Wear periwinkle and share stomach cancer awareness materials.

Can I organize a larger group?

Yes! The NSFC Walk is intended to be flexible. Create an event that works for you and those supporting the cause. Make sure to let us know about your event and No Stomach For Cancer can help promote your event on social media.

My school/church/work group is organizing a large event. Do you offer discounts on materials for large groups of 50 or more?

Give NSFC a call at 608.692.5141 and we would be happy to discuss with you.

I do not want to walk by myself, but I don’t want to organize a large group. What can I do?

There may be someone in your area already organizing a large walk and would love to have you join them. View the No Stomach For Cancer events page for a list of local events. Also check the NSFC Facebook and Twitter pages for posts about local events.

How can I enhance my walk?

There are no limits to how you can enhance your walk. You might:

  • Personalize your event by encouraging participants to bring pictures of their stomach cancer warrior.
  • Contact local businesses to serve as sponsors or to donate items such as bottled water and snacks for participants or for purchase.
  • Purchase official No Stomach For Cancer awareness shirts, bracelets and more on the Shop the Cause page.
  • Order a Stomach Cancer Awareness Month banner or other signs to bring greater visibility to your event.
  • Set up an information table about stomach cancer. We can send you brochures about No Stomach For Cancer as well as donation envelopes to use.

Can NSFC help promote my walk?

Yes! Contact NSFC with the details of your event and we will promote it on the NSFC website and social media pages.

Do you have other ideas for spreading the word about the walk?

Many people have reached out to their local media to share their stomach cancer stories and details about their event. This is a great way to get others to participate in the NSFC Walk and to learn about stomach cancer. One of the best ways to educate others is by sharing your personal story.

Share details about your Walk on the No Stomach For Cancer Walk Facebook page and learn what others are doing.

I am busy on the day of the NSFC Walk but really want to participate. Does the walk have to take place on a particular date?

The NSFC Walk is designed to be flexible in order to maximize participation. If you cannot participate on the date selected, pick a date in November that works for you, as November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®.

Is there something else I can do instead to raise awareness about Stomach Cancer during Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®?

Absolutely! We all have different interests, ideas and talents, and we want you to put those to good use as you support the cause. If you are interested in hosting another type of event in November for Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, be sure to check out the many ideas on the Get Involved page.

What other resources are available to help plan my walk/event?

If you need more help or have further questions, please reach out to No Stomach For Cancer directly. We can assist you with any questions.