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Supporting Research. Empowering Families.

The No Stomach For Cancer Community is one of the many ways to connect and 'unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.'

Whether you are a patient, a survivor, a caregiver, a family member, a friend, a volunteer, an awareness ambassador, a fundraiser, a medical professional or are at risk for any form of stomach cancer, you will find unity within our global community.

We invite you to get involved, share your stories, talk about experiences and find connections... this is how we are going to ultimately win the fight against stomach cancer.

Thank you for being here, and for your caring support and concern for others.

Welcome to our community!

Prayer for Our Community

May we find…

…unity in our mission

…passion for the cause

…peace in our hearts

…solitude in silence

…inspiration from those we remember, honor, and celebrate

May we have…

…love for others on this journey

…faith that we can make a difference

…gratitude for each breath that we take

…courage to share our story

…time to be fully present to others

May we give…

…support to those who feel alone

…strength to those who are struggling

…comfort to those who are grieving

…hope to those who have none

…thanks to the strangers that have become friends

May we find a cure for stomach cancer.

~ Beth Lambert