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The No Stomach For Cancer Community is one way we help Unite People Worldwide in action, sharing, support, and friendship.

We expect you to bring respect, encouragement, caring, good manners, and common sense to our community. Please be respectful of differences in the values and points of view of our community members.

We have established the following guidelines that we expect our members to follow to keep our Community Safe and United in our Mission.

Your participation in the No Stomach For Cancer Community signifies your agreement to adhere to the following guidelines, as well as the Terms of Use established for our website

Community Guidelines

Take time to get acclimated.

Explore our Community. Review your profile sections and decide what you wish to publish. This optional information is how you can find others in the community like you and vice versa - those with similar interests or health concerns or geographically near you.

Review your privacy and notification settings. If you have questions or get stuck, send a request for help.

Please tell us if something isn’t right.

If you see activity in our community that is not aligned with our guidelines, or your gut says something feels wrong, let us know, and we will investigate.

Please report inappropriate activity within the NSFC Community immediately by using the report this item link, report user link, or sending an email message directly to an NSFC Administrator

Respect the privacy of others.

Please respect the privacy of all members, including their right to remain anonymous.

Do not post personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers, financial, or other private information about yourself or others.

Do not request or press other members for personal information they choose not to disclose.

Do not repost information about a member from or to another social media site or forum.

Please review our Privacy Policy.

Do not post inappropriate content.

Practice common courtesy and respect. Use appropriate language. Content containing offensive, obscene, disrespectful, or hateful language will be removed.

Be respectful of differences in values and points of view. Discussion and debate are encouraged, but others' personal attacks, insults, threats, or harassment are not tolerated.

Please do not create more than one member profile or abuse our community's features, including private message features.

We reserve the right to reject or remove any postings, including off-topics or those that violate the NSFC Community Guidelines.

Post messages once. Do not repeat the same post. It will be most beneficial to all community members to keep posts relevant to the discussion topic or start a new topic.

Do not repost content that NSFC has removed. Contact us if you have questions regarding NSFC’s decision to remove such content.

NSFC reserves the right to moderate or remove any content and suspend a member account without warning or notice permanently.

The No Stomach For Cancer Community is not the place to get or give medical advice.

The "Community" is not a substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including professional medical or psychological advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, or treatment to you or any other individual. Please review our Disclaimer for additional information. The NSFC Community’s monthly discussion group focuses on various psychosocial issues faced by those with stomach cancer. The objective of this group is to support and connect those affected by stomach cancer. This is not a substitute for professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or therapy. 

Our Community is not for commercial use, promotion, or solicitation.

Do not post content for business purposes, including advertisements, solicitations, and spam. Content that appears to be spam or promotion of products and services, treatments, and/or therapies will be removed. Repeated postings and postings off-topic may be removed.

Please tell us if you are having technical difficulties.

Please report technical difficulties or submit suggestions to request help.

Opinions expressed in the No Stomach For Cancer Community are those of the respective community members. Views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of No Stomach For Cancer, Inc., its management, or staff.