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We are grateful for all of the efforts of our volunteers and thankful for everyone who attended the exhibit reception and silent auction on Saturday. A special thank you to Lisa Goesling for her tremendous effort and work she did to help make this event a success. It was an inspiring night, and we were fortunate enough to have had a winning bid on an incredible work of art.

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month happens in November, but our awareness efforts do not end there. We must keep the momentum going, and keep fighting every day to prevent stomach cancer.

The Stomach Cancer Awareness Month Art Exhibit & Auction is open through November. You could purchase an original art creation for a one-of-a-kind holiday gift for friend or loved one, or ask your co-workers to join together to purchase a gift for your boss. Or, maybe your employer would like to buy a unique piece of artwork for the office. Many of the wonderful pieces of art have not received bids, and if you achieve the minimum bid before December, the art is yours. Please consider placing a bid, or purchase an amazing piece of artwork for yourself or as a gift.

Online bidding is open through November at the following link

The majority of the net proceeds from the sale of artwork will go to fund our programs, community support, and outreach. Please consider making a tax deductible donation here to help fund future events.


ATYL/Alexandra Lee - Swimmers

ATYL/Alexandra Lee - Yellow Lines

Alicia Forestall-Boehm - Tesserae V

Allison Svoboda - Mandala

Barb Blacharczyk - Pulse

Barb Blacharcyk - Unwinding Cone Shell

Barbara Nicholson - Untitled Pink

Becca Goesling - Fanart

Becca Goesling - Meet Virginia

Becca Goesling - My Fantastical

Becca Goesling - Never Were There More Devoted Sisters

Becca Goesling - Summertime Shy

Brigitte Wolf - Tranquil

Bruce Starrenburg - Glastonbury

Bruce Starrenburg - Route of Abbeys 02

Bruce Starrenburg - Salisbury Columns

Bruce Starrenburg - Salisbury Stained Glass

Bruce Starrenburg - Salisbury Stained Glass Detail

Bruce Starrenburg - Salisbury Stone Detail

Deanna Krueger - Faun

Doug Boehm - Wisconsin

Emily Rutledge

Frank Herrmann

Frank Herrmann

Janis N. Senungetuk - Begonias 2

Janis N. Senungetuk - Highland Lord Daylily

John Zajac - Summerline

John Zajac - Red Truck

John Zajac - Roots of Hope

Katherine Nemanich - Encounter

Lauren Chatel - Purple Door

Len Upin - Self Portrait

Lisa Goesling - As Far as the Eye Can See

Lisa Goesling - Composition of Coleus

Lisa Goesling - Eremurus or Fox Tail Lily

Lisa Goesling - Evolution of an Iris

Lisa Goesling - Full Orchid

Lisa Goesling - Inside of an Iris

Lisa Goesling - Interaction

Lisa Goesling - Open Magnolias

Lisa Goesling - Queen Ann's Lace

Lisa Goesling - Orange and Yellow Flowers

Mark Moleski - Hope

Mary Porterfield - Forbidden Fruit

Mary Porterfield - Skyscape

Pat Lagger - Lines and Spaces #15

Russel Lee Hansen - Migration

Sam Szymborski - Midnight Owl

Sam Szymborski - Whisper Crystal

Sam Whitaker - Croton River

Sam Whitaker - High Tide

Sam Whitaker - Thaw

Sarah Goesling

Shray - Sometimes Me

Stella Zee - Life's Navigation

Stella Zee - New Breath

Stella Zee - Observant Messenger

Susan Aurinko - Alfa Romeo

Windflow Photography - Infinity