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Our Mission: The No Stomach For Cancer Mission is to support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.

We care about the health and well-being of those affected by stomach cancer and envision a world without stomach cancer.

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Stomach Cancer Facts

  • Fifth Most common cancer type worldwide
  • 1 Million New cases each year
  • 80% Risk in hereditary cases
  • 3rd Leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide

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Today I met my first nonbeliever.  Someone who hadn’t seen me around in a while, and asked where I’d been.  ‘Oh, I was out of the office for a while, I had to have surgery….’

Non-Believer: Oh my, what’s wrong, is everything ok?

Me: Yeah, I actually had to have my stomach removed!
NB: Pardon?
Me: I had my stomach removed.
NB: Oh like part of it, like a stomach staple
Me: No, I had the whole thing removed
NB: No you didn’t
Me: Yes I did
NB: (pause) No you didn’t!

It was not quite as blunt as that, but not too far off either.  This person clearly didn’t believe that I was telling the truth, or that a total gastrectomy was possible.  I think I convinced NB after about 5 minutes or so, but I still sensed this person was not entirely convinced.  I guess it does sound pretty ridiculous, to have your stomach taken out.  I haven’t told a lot of people about the surgery who are completely unfamiliar with me or my family’s situation, so I imagine this is a scene that may replay itself more in the coming months.  Luckily I’m pretty persuasive, and if all else fails, I have the battle scars to prove it!

By Brian Chelcun

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