Walking Across England For Stomach Cancer

It was like this for a few hours on the second day...and then the heavens opened.

Follow the Linstead Family in their Walk Across England To Fight Stomach Cancer

The trek begins in St. Bees on August 5 with arrival at their final destination of Robins Hood Bay on August 18, 2011
Video Story 220 Miles, 14 Days, No Stomach
Edwards man gave up stomach to avoid cancer

From one extreme to another

Please support this amazing effort. Donate directly to No Stomach For Cancer (please note Walk Across England) or through Camden’s fundraising page.
Be sure to leave a comment too!

And they’re off!

Wednesday, August 17 (or is it Thursday over there?)

Camden Linstead & Christopher Lance (and some of their family of supporters) raised over $5,200 for NSFC.

Camden: Well my 200+ mile trek just ended a few hours ago….and i’m still in one piece….so what do I do now….go back the other way? hhhmmmmm…..no thank you!

Christopher: Well… made it to Robin Hood’s Bay today. 200 miles. so. anyone for a walk across the U.S.?

Paul Charles: WE DID IT. 200 miles and many blisters later, Karen and I along with my beautiful family have completed the Coast to Coast walk. What an experience and a fantastic welcome home from our loved ones who couldnt make the walk. A massive THANKYOU to all who made this possible and who pledged their money for our cause XX

Sunday, August 14

NSFC hasn’t been able to receive reports from the walkers – communication has been just one of their challenges. Andrew Linstead reports that he returned from a few days of walking with Camden, Christopher and others. They expect to finish the coast to coast by Thursday. Andrew said, “It is tough for them heavy rain thick fog every day in the Lake District. These guys have done an incredible job. Watching them makes me incredibly proud.”
Kia Kaha…Be Strong Hearted! to all of the walkers, and especially to Camden and the others who literally have NO STOMACH FOR CANCER!

Monday, August 8

Camden: SOOOOOO….out in the middle of England right now. Thought I would be able to blog each day, but it turns out that when you are in the middle of no where, internet connection isn’t that easy to get!!! 4 days in. I will end up posting pics and videos at the end of the trek!

Christopher: Hello world!!! walks going great! 4 days in and we are currently in Shap. had some difficult walks these past 2 days and got lost even!! haha we’ve had some issues. but its been amazing! amazing views and cant wait to put up some of my pictures!

Thursday, August 4

Christopher (NSFC FB): Made it to England yesterday. long flight with delays for about 4 hours. getting everything settled, did an interview and video for local news this morning and then driving to the coast so we can start off from St. Bees tomorrow morning! can’t wait to get started!!

Jonathan: Starting the coast to coast walk in the morning, my Dad and cousin Camden are doing the 192 mile journey without a stomach between them. They are inspirational, I’m proud to be a Linstead.

Camden: Here we go!!!

Camden: Heading to the Irish sea today to prep for the start of the hike tomorrow. Extended forecast in the area….rain storms and hail storms…while doing a 3500 ft ascent…..perfect….bring it on!

Christopher: omg. they have icecream trucks in england!!!!!!!

Christopher: well. we are off to the coast today. tomorrow we start! some nice gentle slopes to start. a hailstorm or two. its all good on an english hike!

Wednesday, August 3

Christopher: I’m in England. Rock walls, driving on the opposite side of the road, cars parked everywhere on the sidewalk, and sheep…. I LOVE IT!!!! after a nice long flight and lots of delays it is soooooo nice to finally be here! now just a day or two and we begin our walk!

Paul Charles: Our family from over the pond have arrived. Let the walking commence

Camden: ‎18hrs of flying done, finally made it to the Linstead clan in Manchester. Couple news interviews tomorrow morning and then off to the coast to start the trek!

Tuesday, August 2

Camden: Ohare just shut down due to weather….mmmmm this could be a long nite stuck on this plane on the tarmac

Christopher: On the way to the airport! here we come England!!! Smile=)itsfree!
Adam Dodson: The coast to coast walk is in a matter of days now & the news has hit the US papers as well as UK papers and UK news. So proud!

Monday, August 1

Andrew: So proud of my family. This article details the experience of what my family has been fighting.

Camden Linstead takes Strides to Raise Awareness and Money to Fight Stomach Cancer

Camden Linstead

Visit Camden

Camden Linstead and his brother, Christopher Lance, of Peoria, IL are traveling to the UK on August 2, 2011 to join other family members and friends on a 200+ mile trek across England to raise awareness about stomach cancer, and to raise funds for No Stomach For Cancer, Inc.

The Linstead family is affected by Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC), caused by a genetic trait which predisposes them to this deadly type of stomach cancer.

Camden FOllowing Surgery

Camden's Life Line

Camden, age 25, underwent a total gastrectomy in July of 2010 at age 24, having his stomach completely removed due to a gene mutation that puts him at high risk of developing this disease. He lost his father, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother to HDGC. Another brother, uncle, aunt and cousin have all had the same life saving surgery.

Christopher Lance and Camden Linstead

Christopher & Camden

From the Irish Sea to the North Sea, the coast to coast trek will take about 14 solid days to complete and begins in St Bee’s on August 5, 2011. The route leads them to their final destination of Robin Hoods Bay on August 18, 2011.

Stay tuned for the full story, and watch for updates as we follow the group from afar! Please support this amazing effort by donating directly on the NO STOMACH FOR CANCER DONATE page (note Walk Across England) or visit Camden’s fundraising page.

Illinois Brothers Will Walk Across England For Stomach Cancer Awareness

England Coast To Coast Path

9 Responses to Walking Across England For Stomach Cancer

  1. Tricia Ochoa says:

    Congratulations on such a terrific journey for such a great cause!! Cheering here from CA. Thought of Malcolm just yesterday being at the church where we had his beautiful memorial. He would be so proud!!! Cheers from your Dept of Rehab extended family. Donations on the way….. God Bless!

  2. Jeanette Pomroy says:

    Congrats on your awareness campaign! This is quite the trek for you guys. I am from Newfoundland, Canada and also have the gene mutation that causes HDGC. Myself and 3 sisters tested positive out of the ten of us. Us four and many of our cousins have had the gastrectomy. We call ourselves the Gutless Wonders! Good luck from all of us on this side of the pond!!!

  3. Jim Lyons says:

    Just want to wish everyone the best of luck – Incredible challenge, very, very tough – Praying for good weather

    Andy’s dive buddy

  4. Camden and Christopher:

    What a fantastic way to raise awareness and funding for this great and important cause. HDGC families across the world should be grateful for your efforts!
    Here at the Mass General Cancer Center in Boston we also have No Stomach for Cancer!
    Best of luck on your trek!

  5. Uncle Wally & Aunt June Grzebieniak says:

    Dear Chris & Camden,
    Please know that you will be in our thoughts as you make this very important journey. Our family will be more than happy to make a donation to this cause, and we hope and pray that do to your efforts , that someday, this horrible disease will be defeated.
    All our love, and best wishes
    Uncle Wally & Aunt June

  6. Allen Gray says:

    Hi Camden & Christopher!
    Thanks for forwarding the article to Molly/mom as I am here visiting.
    Also , I would like to wish you a BON VOYAGE !!! I am very excited about
    your trek across England ,wishing you great success, and know you will
    have a fantastic journey. A noble cause and Valiant effort.!!!

    I’m Proud of you guys, safe travels, Uncle Allen (Gray)

  7. Darci Drinan says:

    Hi Camden and Christopher,
    What you’re doing to raise awareness for Stomach cancer and raise funds is great!
    We are excited to follow your trek across England! Good luck and safe travels to you both.
    Darci Drinan
    (Cousin of your mom’s)

  8. Carolyn A. Gray says:

    Of course I will donate to No Stomach for Cancer!
    Note that I gave a different email address because I will be moving to Carbondale to be near my son, Dave and, of course, my grandson Jackson. Don’t know exactly when I will be moving and using another Internet provider, it is a good idea for you to make the switch now. Please keep me updated on everything.
    I wish you Godspeed and much success in this important endeavor. Camden, you look just great. I hope you are doing as well as you look.

    Sending much love, Carolyn

    • Wally&June Grzebieniak says:

      Uncle Wally & I want to wish you both a safe and enlightening trip through England.
      You are involved in a very noble cause. Our whole family would be honored to donate to this cause.
      The Grzebieniak family has been touched by this dreadful disease. one way or the other. Please know that you will be in our prayers and in our hearts as you make this journey. We will hope to travel with you via email .
      all our love and best wishes,
      Uncle Wally & Aunt June

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