Uniting People Worldwide: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia representing in No Stomach For Cancer’s first annual Walk for Stomach Cancer Awareness.

Stomach cancer runs in Simone Busija’s family.  One of her Uncles was diagnosed in his 30s and fortunately survived. Stomach cancer took Simone’s Dad at the early age of 56. Five years later a third brother passed away from stomach cancer. In 2011, one of two surviving siblings tested positive for the gene mutation CDH1 that causes hereditary diffuse gastric cancer and was succesfully treated.

After this all of the extended family members got a letter that would change their lives: the one that says that any child of a CDH1 positive parent has a 50/50 chance of also testing positive. Simone Busija tested positive. She was told she could have her stomach removed prophylactically or risk cancer.

“Given the track record in our family to date with stomach cancer,” Simone writes from Australia, “surgery was the only decision worth taking.”

Last November, the day after her youngest son turned two, Simone had her stomach removed. She lost about 20 pounds post surgery as she struggled to adjust to her newly rebuilt digestive system. A pathology report later found cancer buried in the lining of her stomach.

Nearly a year later Simone says she’s back to working, heading to the gym, chasing after her young family and eating a variety of foods, just in smaller portions.

“Life is pretty much back to a new kind of normal,” Simone writes. “I marvel each and every day how miraculous the human body is! “

Simone was excited to participate and organize a Melbourne area walk at the city’s Botanical gardens to raise money and awareness for a disease that has deeply affected her family.

“I will tribute my walk to those members in my family who have been affected by stomach cancer, with a special thought to my Dad.”

Support Simone’s Fundraiser Crowdrise:Simone Busija’s Stomach Cancer Fundraiser

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