Uniting People Worldwide: Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas is representing in No Stomach For Cancer’s first annual Walk for Stomach Cancer Awareness!

Last fall, Cindy Clay and her doctor thought she had heartburn, but a month of antacids did nothing to help alleviate her symptoms. As a precaution, Cindy’s doctor did a biopsy of her stomach lining. The results were positive for stomach cancer.

“I was so shocked,” Cindy says. “I’d never heard of stomach cancer. My life got turned upside down.”

In November 2011, Cindy had her stomach completely removed. She struggled with eating and her weight dropped to 75 pounds. But ask Cindy and she will tell you she was lucky. Her cancer was found early. Her doctor not only thought to do an endoscopy and biopsy but the team happened to biopsy the cancerous part of her stomach lining. Her doctor had her tumor sent to Mayo Clinic to confirm the diagnosis. “My doctor is amazing. I call him my lifesaver,” Cindy says.

The last year has not been easy though. Cindy had a feeding tube put in and has worked to regain weight. She still makes weekly trips in for IV fluids and vitamins. To mark the one year anniversary of her diagnosis, Cindy signed up to walk in No Stomach For Cancer’s first annual Stomach Cancer Awareness Walk. Cindy says she was planning to just walk in her neighborhood. After posting this on her facebook wall, Cindy’s friend Michele Findley offered to join her and organize the event to be held at the Bryant High School track. Now, Michele says people are flying from other states to join them in Little Rock and walk with them.

“Michele’s a nurse and she’s been a huge support to me through this whole thing,” Cindy says. “I can’t say enough about her.”

Support Cindy’s Fundraiser Crowdrise: Cindy Clay’s Clan

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