Help Raise Awareness about Stomach Cancer

Learn About Stomach Cancer Awareness MonthNovember is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month® however raising awareness about stomach cancer is important all year!

One of our key priorities is stomach cancer awareness – we know it saves lives. Joining our annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk is a great way to make a difference…and there are plenty of other things you can do to raise awareness throughout the year, and even daily! Here are some ideas to get your started… and be sure to share your ideas with us too!


There are many ways to raise awareness

From individual acts like wearing a t-shirt or wristband, to printing and displaying flyers, to hosting an event – there are ways to spread the word and educate others no matter how much time you have. Use some of the ideas and materials we have assembled or create your own. Many items listed have corresponding “tools” available in the toolbox section in the sidebar at right.


Become an Ambassador for Stomach Cancer Awareness!

Educate and raise awareness by sharing NSFC Awareness Cards with people you encounter, including those in your medical community. Order your supply of these four-sided folded cards on our website today.

Information Sheets

Print and share two sided information sheets to help others learn more about stomach cancer.

  • Stomach Cancer Risk and Prevention Sheet
  • Gastric Cancer Information Sheet (also available in Spanish)
  • Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Information Sheet (also available Spanish)


Awareness Flyers/Posters and Cards

Choose a flyer to download, print, display or distribute, or download them all! Flyers are US letter size, ready to print on plain paper, card stock, or use glossy paper to really make them shine! Click – Print – Display – Done!

  • No Stomach For Cancer Awareness Cards
  • Awareness Poster (for November)
  • Awareness Poster (for use in any month)
  • Combine Awareness and fund raising goals and host an event


Display them in an acrylic sign holder

  • at the check-in desk in the medical clinic
  • on the magazine table in the waiting room
  • at the reception desk in your workplace
  • at the hairdresser, nail salon or spa
  • on your own desk
  • at your fundraising event


Hang them on a wall or bulletin board…

  • at your local coffee shop
  • at your athletic club
  • in the office break room
  • at school
  • at your local library
  • in your apartment or condo clubhouse
  • at your place of worship


Display Stomach Cancer Awareness Banners

Use these banners for any stomach cancer awareness activities that you’re planning. The 2’x6′ banners are a great way to capture attention. Find out how to order Stomach Cancer Awareness Banners through the Build A Sign Giving Program.


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Jump into action! This Jeans Day Event is ready to go!

Jump Into Action! Jump Into Jeans Day!

Wristbands, t-shirts and magnets

Wristbands, t-shirts and magnets are a great way to raise awareness. Shop NSFC


Stomach Cancer Awareness Cards

A great way to spread the word about stomach cancer. Includes risk factors and common symptoms. Shop NSFC  


Awareness Badges

Find a great selection of badges to help get the word out about stomach cancer through social media.  Browse Awareness Badges


Stomach Cancer Risk &
Prevention Sheet

Learn more about Stomach Cancer risk factors and preventative steps you can take.

Gastric Cancer Risk & Prevention Information

Gastric Cancer Risk & Prevention Information


NSFC Awareness Flyers

Ready to Print, Post & Distribute! We have created two flyers you can print and use to raise awareness about stomach cancer. One specifically designed to raise awareness during Stomach Cancer Awareness Month (November) and one for use year 'round.

NSFC Awareness Flyer - Any Month
NSFC Awareness Flyer - November Stomach Cancer Awareness Flyer November