Stomach Cancer: Sharing the stories

Stomach cancer, patient. Stomach cancer, survivor. Stomach cancer, caregiver. Stomach cancer, friends and family. Stomach cancer, the whole family. Stomach cancer, the next generations.

Stomach cancer. It is in our lives, in hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s there in a big, big way.

Jenn Lai


Liz Rains


Discover the featured blogs of NSFC community members who are so generously giving to everyone in the NSFC community.  Follow their journeys as they let us into their lives, sharing it all…joy, sorrow, triumph, fear, strength, vulnerability, anger, frustration, humor, courage, determination, faith, hope, love…and more.

Jennifer Lai, gastronomically speaking
Lizabeth Rains, The Weeping Jar

In addition to their featured blogs, Jennifer and Lizbeth are contributors to the NSFC website blog.

We hope that you will follow along, support and encourage, ask questions and share your own thoughts, feelings and experiences with the authors, and with all of us. It only takes a moment, and your active participation is important…it makes a difference in the lives of many!

We hear over and over again from people throughout the world how much these stories help them in their lives as they face the challenges brought about by stomach cancer.  It brings people together, and simply knowing that one is not alone in this is a tremendous comfort.  People everywhere are following along, often silently, getting what they need to help them through the tough times.  And in the midst of it all, they share with us their desire to give back and help others when they are able to do so.  Amazing.  What a strong community this is!

Thank you Jennifer. Thank you Lizabeth. Thank you to everyone who gives so generously from their hearts to help others!

If you are fighting stomach cancer today, are a survivor, a caregiver, or impacted by stomach cancer in some other way, please contact us about featuring your story on the No Stomach For Cancer website.

Discover more inspiring blogs on the Personal Stories page in the NSFC Community.

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