Stomach cancer and colon cancer: There’s a connection

Local Family Takes Steps To Avoid Stomach Cancer (article and video) features the Lambert & Walsh families in the Boston, MA area. They share their story during the first National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness about a hereditary stomach cancer syndrome.

ConnectionKnowing your family history is critical in identifying hereditary risks for stomach cancer and numerous other types of cancer. Thankfully, their doctor made the connection between stomach cancer, colon cancer, and the CDH1 gene mutation – a cancer syndrome called Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC) which also includes increased risk for lobular breast cancer. That connection offered powerful knowledge to this family, providing an option for prevention which ultimately saved their lives, and will do so for the younger generation, and for future generations to come.

Is HDGC rare, or is it under-identified? No one can answer that question, but it is clear that the number of affected families continues to grow.

Be proactive, and Know Your Family History.

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  1. karen says:

    Dear Jan, If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to join “our community” where you will find others who understand and are going through similar experiences. Wishing all the best for our family.

  2. j lawrence says:

    hi my name is jan.over the past 10 yrs i have lost 2 bros from stomach cancer.i have 1 bro living after 20 yrs without a stomach.after dna tests ,ifind im a carrier of this cancer,as is my son and ‘ my nephew.we have more close family that do not want to be tested .we all have been advised by peter mac in melbourne to have our stomachs removed.i am 65,my son 40, my nephew father at 93 has had dna,he is the carrier in our family but is in great health and always has for me ,i contiue to have cononoscopys and gastroscopys and hope i dont encounter this cancer.i also have very regulaur breast checks as this is a high risk also..hope this has helped somebody.please reply. jan

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