Start talking about stomach cancer

Today is the first day of the first National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month in the US. Start talking about stomach cancer!

In honor of those battling stomach cancer today, and in memory of those we’ve lost to this disease, please, let’s get this awareness thing going!

Take every opportunity you have to tell a stranger about stomach cancer.

  • Tell them it’s National Stomach Cancer Awareness month.
  • Throw out an easy to remember statistic – Stomach cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the world.
  • Ask if they knew there is a hereditary form of stomach cancer.
  • Encourage them to learn more about stomach cancer by visiting No Stomach For Cancer.

  • Those of you who have stomach cancer in your family history, I ask you this: What KIND of stomach cancer is it?
    It’s a critical question, and one you need to be able to answer. More on that coming up.

    Get going! Get out there and start talking!

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