Pregnancy after prophylactic total gastrectomy

The possibility of having a healthy pregnancy and maintaining one’s own health is an issue that comes up again and again for young women who are affected by Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC) and are contemplating prophylactic total gastrectomy.  Pardeep Kaurah provides the following report titled “Pregnancy after prophylactic total gastrectomy,”  which was just published in January, 2010.

Pregnancy after prophylactic total gastrectomy

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  1. Michelle N. says:

    I was glad to see this article, at the age of 21 I had a partial gastrectomy, pyloroplasty and vagotomy due to ulcers and couldn’t find any information on how it might affect future pregnancy. I am now 26 and have since successfully had two very healthy, happy boys. My naturopath had me stick to taking iron, vitamin B complex, amino acids and digestive enzymes before and during pregnancy, which I continue to take. One added bonus that came from pregnancy was that for some reason it alleviated the symptoms of Rapid Gastric Emptying Syndrome.

    • Jeanette says:

      Ihad a partial gastrectomy with a Bilroth II at the age of 17. I married at 25 was advised not to get pregnant but wanted to have a family and live as close to normal as possible. I had three children in five years. I took vitamins with iron & B 12 and also like Michelle found the pregnancy alleviated the symptoms of dumping. I felt wonderful during each pregnancy and didn’t have the normal problems that most women had. (fluid retention etc.)

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