November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®

November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®

No Stomach For Cancer is actively involved in raising awareness around the world and provides information about stomach cancer to patients, families, and caregivers.

Currently the third leading cause of cancer death worldwide with almost one million new cases diagnosed each year. Of these, approximately 700,000 will lose their lives.

In 2010 NSFC successfully championed and celebrated the first official Stomach Cancer Awareness Month in the US. Stomach cancer and other organizations and people worldwide have come to recognize November, a month known for the pleasure of eating, as the ideal month to raise awareness about this deadly disease. There is a great deal of focus on food, nourishment and family at this time of year, and that can be challenging for people dealing with stomach cancer, and for those living without a stomach.

Additionally, the Surgeon General has committed to making Thanksgiving Day National Family History Day, emphasizing the importance of knowing one’s hereditary risks for disease, clearly one of the risk factors for stomach cancer.

November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month however raising awareness about stomach cancer is important all throughout the year!

The purpose of promoting Stomach Cancer Awareness Month and stomach cancer awareness is:

  • To raise awareness and support efforts to educate people about stomach cancer, including risk factors, prevention and early detection
  • To recognize the need for additional funding and research into early diagnosis and treatment for stomach cancer
  • To raise funds for stomach cancer research
  • To encourage people and interested groups and organizations to observe and support Stomach Cancer Awareness Month through appropriate programs and activities to promote public awareness of, and potential treatments for, stomach cancer
  • To empower everyone by uniting the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer

Supporters hope that greater awareness and knowledge will lead to earlier detection of stomach cancer, which is directly associated with higher long-term survival rates, and that money raised for stomach cancer research will result in better detection, treatments, improved survival rates, and ultimately a cure for this deadly disease.

Each year, we encourage patients, caregivers, families, friends, businesses and organizations to participate in the month in a variety of ways; putting a face to the disease by sharing personal stories through local, national and international media, through awareness activities in their neighborhoods and local communities, through active engagement on our Facebook pages and Website forum and other social media, through third party events, and though participation in the annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk.

It has been very exciting to watch the momentum of this important awareness initiative building. We see growing interest and involvement by people who care about this cause, not only in the US but also in countries throughout the world. The word is getting out and the passion to help others and to make a difference is evident everywhere.

What a difference between each year…it excites us to think what Stomach Cancer Awareness Month will look like in two more years, three more, five more years…

We invite you to help Raise Awareness and please Contact Us to for more information about ways to get involved!


The History

Understanding the critical need for awareness of stomach cancer No Stomach For Cancer (NSFC) was determined to have a month designated for awareness of this disease.

In 2010, NSFC’s initiative and work with the US Senate resulted in S. Res. 655, a resolution establishing November as the first national Stomach Cancer Awareness Month in the US! The Resolution had passed only weeks before the start of November, and we did our best to raise awareness on whatever scale possible. Most important – it was a start!

In 2011, awareness of Stomach Cancer Awareness Month grew, organizations began requesting awareness materials and adding the ‘month’ to awareness calendars, and more people participated by hosting local events that raised awareness and funds – Jeans Days, Bowl-a-thons, Memorial Brunches, Raffles…. even a float in a parade!

By 2012 people throughout the world were clamoring for an event to join in their area. We were looking for ways to visibly bring awareness to stomach cancer worldwide. In response we held our 1st annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk, a Global Walk to Raise Awareness About Stomach Cancer. Participation was far beyond our expectation, with participants from 35 states in the US and 10 countries throughout the world.

Despite subsequent challenges to obtain ‘official designations’ for the month NSFC remained committed to increasing awareness and celebrating November as Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. The key to success, however, is a unified voice. For that reason, NSFC applied for and received US Trademark registration for STOMACH CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. We took this action to ensure the continuity of the month.

November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, and each year we will work to reach more people, spreading the word and sharing the knowledge, and ultimately saving lives through awareness. We will continue to raise funds to support research for better screening, early detection, treatment and prevention, with the hope of someday finding a cure for stomach cancer.

NSFC actively encourages individuals and other groups and organizations to join in this effort and Raise Awareness.

Find out how to order a Stomach Cancer Awareness Month Banner from our Build A Sign Giving Program to use for your awareness activities!

Please review the STOMACH CANCER AWARENESS MONTH® Trademark and Usage Guidelines

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