November Stomach Cancer Awareness Month is upon us

Much of our time for the past few months has been devoted to gearing up for Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. Here we are just five days into it and we’re amazed at the flurry of interest and activity that we see going on everywhere. And it isn’t just in the US – we mean everywhere!

Here are some things you’ve been up to:

  • Wristbands are flying out the door for your activities and events from the US to Canada, and even across the pond to the UK!
  • We’re hearing about your activities – walks, awareness ideas incorporated into weddings, Jeans Days, a high school dance, and even participation in the Be Bold Be Bald event. We hope you’ll e-mail us with a photo and a paragraph about what you did or plan to do. Or better yet, post them on our Facebook page!
  • Hospitals and GI Clinics are ordering wristbands.
  • Awareness flyers are being posted around college campuses and local businesses.
  • People are participating in our “Refrigerator Campaign.”


Some things we’re up to:Bruins Table 2011

  • A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is airing on numerous radio stations. Hey, call your local radio station and ask them to air it too! It can be downloaded right from our Home page.
  • Throw a Forward Pass for Stomach Cancer campaign
  • Flyers and awareness displays are set up for the month in a variety of businesses including restaurants, health clubs, and coffee shops.
  • We’re speaking at UW Madison Medical School to 180 future medical professionals about experiences with stomach cancer from the patient and family perspective.
  • We had an informational display table at the October 18th Bruins game in Boston.
  • Events are being held in the Boston MA area.
  • Grafton High School students in MA have a variety of activities going on for a full “Stomach Cancer Awareness Week” in November.

It is not too late to organize something in your community. Take a look at our Idea-A-Day Calendar to see what YOU can do to make a difference in the fight against stomach cancer.

With your help we can live out our mission together, “to support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.”

It’s a simple fact, one that we know firsthand to be true: Awareness saves lives.

Helping to save lives, how powerful is that?

Thank you Norman the movie, for helping with stomach cancer awareness Norman!
In early October, we connected with one of the producers of an independent film called Norman, about a high school student whose mother was recently killed in a car accident and whose father is battling stomach cancer; its focus is on how Norman responds to these crises. We attended a screening of the film at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and were able to meet with one of the producers. All of the people from Norman have been actively and visibly supportive of our cause by posting information about November Stomach Cancer Awareness Month on their Facebook page. If you have a chance to see this movie, it is extremely powerful and worthwhile. You can check out the trailer at

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