Northstone Club Bunco Group

By Suzie Chelcun

In February, 2009 a group of ladies from Northstone Club in Huntersville, North Carolina were meeting for their monthly dice game Bunco while one of them read a post from Facebook. It was from a friend whose family recently “joined the HDGC club”. Over the previous 10 months 6 out of 6 family members received results indicating they tested positive for the CDH1 gene. Then, on February 8, 2009 they lost their beloved Greg Chelcun to this horrible disease.

This awesome group of women felt compelled to help. They decided that instead of playing to win a portion of the dice game’s pot, they would donate it to The Chelcun Family Fund for Stomach Cancer Research. At their next month’s game in March, they invited me, Suzie Chelcun, wife of post TG patient, Ken Chelcun and mother of our three children. These moms who normally get together once per month to play a simple dice game for $10 a piece, reached much further into their pockets and presented me with checks totaling $350!

So, more incidents of love and support when you least expect it! More seeing the kindness and goodness of people. We all have it and it’s both surprising and touching when you see it. Even more so when you are the recipient of it.

Thank you to the Northstone Club Bunco group for your desire and willingness to actually make a difference. Any amount to this cause brings us one step closer to our goal as we know 100% of every dollar raised goes toward research.

Kia Kaha,

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