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NORMAN? So…what about NORMAN? Elizabeth A. Lambert, high school English teacher and NSFC Board Member, continues on her mission to raise awareness about stomach cancer. Beth said, “I am excited to attend this screening of this movie right here in Boston next Wednesday, October 12th. It involves a high school student whose family is dealing with, among other things, stomach cancer. Looking forward to meeting one of the producers and the director who will be there. We have recently connected and they want to help NSFC raise awareness about stomach cancer.”

The award-winning film NORMAN is a funny, yet intelligent and deeply felt portrayal of a troubled high-school teenager faced with losing his father to stomach cancer as he confronts problems with his new girlfriend and struggles with his daily existence. With the film’s critical acclaim, an original score and songs by musician Andrew Bird and stars Dan Byrd, Emily VanCamp, Richard Jenkins and Adam Goldberg, the film is being used as a tool to raise awareness about life and death issues such as cancer, teen depression and suicide.

We’re intrigued…are you?

Get your tickets for the October 12 screening today! Museum of Fine Arts, Boston screening of Norman

About Elizabeth A. Lambert

Elizabeth A. Lambert is a high school English teacher and serves on the Board of Directors of No Stomach For Cancer, Inc.

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