No Stomach For Cancer will benefit from generosity of children’s Author & Illustrator David Biedrzycki

David Biedrzycki 

By Lisa England

I met David Biedrzycki in 2007 at the North Carolina School Library Media conference in Winston Salem, North Carolina. His book, Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective was nominated by the children of North Carolina for the North Carolina Children’s Book Award that year, so we invited him to attend our state conference and visit several schools in the area. As chairman of the NCCBA committee, I was more then happy to be his escort for the visit and we quickly became friends.

If you ask him when he knew he wanted to be an illustrator he says, “I always wanted to be the best artist that I could be. I went to Kutztown State University and majored in painting, but after seeing an art show of the best American Illustrators, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.” Many of Dave’s artwork has been used in newspapers, magazines, ad agencies and design firms in addition to his children’s book illustrations.

Dave’s remarkable talent is evident in his presentations to adults and children alike. His performances are technology based and he is able to show students his techniques of writing, research and illustrating through a colorful, fast moving PowerPoint. He also brings a graphic tablet and creates digital art for the students in a simple step by step exercise. His visit to our school in 2007 was such a success we invited him back this year on December 8th.  Several other schools in our county have also scheduled visits.

Dave and I have stayed in touch over the past couple of years and when he found out about my daughter Bethany’s CDH1 diagnosis and upcoming surgery he made a generous offer to donate his earnings from all the book sales on this North Carolina trip to the Be Strong Hearted® Campaign of No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. in Bethany’s honor. We are so very grateful and this clearly shows what a wonderful person he is.

Dave visits well over 70 schools per year all across the US and as far away as Japan, and loves every minute of it. He interacts well with students of every age and leaves such an impression that many are dreaming of becoming writers and illustrators themselves!

For additional information and a list of books written and illustrated by Dave please check out his website, or contact David by e-mail. We will follow up with photos of his visit to our school on December 8th, 2009.

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