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Lily Beyer

My name is Lily and I’m in 4th grade. I would like to tell you about my cookie project. I wanted to help with stomach cancer research after I heard that our family friend, Mr. Greg, had stomach cancer. My mom and I thought of ways to help. Then I came up with an idea, “Since I make fabulous homemade chocolate chip cookies, maybe I could make people a dozen cookies in exchange for a ten dollar donation to the Chelcun Family Stomach Cancer Foundation?” So far I’ve raised $410 dollars for the foundation. My plan is to keep making cookies as long as there is stomach cancer. By the way Kia Kaha means “Be strong hearted” which is the motto for the foundation.

Lily and Greg

Someone You Should Know: Lily Beyer Article & Video
January 2009

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  1. Helena says:

    I can’t tell you how humble I feel after reading about your generosity and kindness you have shown regarding stomach cancer.
    I have the CDHI gene, and was diagnosed with stomach cancer November 26th 2008, I had half of my stomach and bowel removed in December, my mum died aged 38 in 1961, my grandma (mums mum) died with breast cancer in 1963 and my lovely brother Malcolm (61) died recently August 7th 2009 both with stomach cancer , about 4 months ago we were diagnosed with the CDH1 gene, all my family have been tested and my precious son Lee 31 and my lovely brother Paul 58 have been diagnosed with it ,in about 12 days time on November 2nd they are going in The Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield England for a TG. I’m waiting to hear from my surgeon with an appointment to go and have the rest of my stomach removed.
    I’m so pleased to be able to read stories of other families with this gene , please feel free to get in touch with any of my family , we would love to hear you and we may be able to help others affected with it.
    Kind regards
    Helena Dodson

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