Did you Go Bald?

Be Bold Be BaldDear NSFC Be Bold Be Bald Baldies,

Wow…thank you! We were recently informed by Small Army For A Cause, the folks who put together the nationwide fundraiser Be Bold Be Bald held this past October, that participants from all across the country raised thousands of dollars for No Stomach For Cancer. WOW!

While we don’t know who you are, and we’ve been assured that you have been properly thanked for your efforts, we want to acknowledge your participation ourselves. So again…thank you for getting involved in raising awareness about stomach cancer and raising funds for stomach cancer research!

Those of you who participated in Be Bold Be Bald for No Stomach For Cancer are invited to share stories and photos from your day – be a guest contributer on our blog.  We’re hoping to hear from you!

Meanwhile, vote now for the date for the 2012 Be Bold Be Bald event. November 1 and 2 are on the ballot.  It would be a fabulous way to kick off November 2012 Stomach Cancer Awareness Month – so what are you waiting for?  Cast your vote today!

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