Reach Out to Local Media with a Press Release

Sharing your story about stomach cancer and how it has impacted your life is a great way to raise awareness in your local community. Begin with the template we’ve provided, personalizing it by inserting information about you where indicated. Then follow these simple steps:

1) Identify target media outlet(s). Ideally, look for direct contact info for health or community editor/reporter at the targeted news outlet. Some outlets (TV/radio) prefer you send releases to a single email address. Often this email address goes to multiple reporters/editors at one time. It’s usually on the website or you can get it by calling.

2) Make sure you have a current and working email and phone number for reporters/editors to respond to.

3) Your email heading and body should be BRIEF and compelling enough to get them to open the attached release. Put contact info in body of email as well as in release.

If there is no response, FOLLOW UP with a phone call and/or a repeat press release.

Be sure to let us know if you are successful so we can post links on our website for all to learn your story.

Good luck!

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