How to live without a stomach

James TurnerJames Turner, 43, lives in Northumberland, England and is married to Claire. They have two children – a boy aged five and a girl aged eight.

Both James’s mother (in 2000) and his brother (in 2011) died of stomach cancer. … Read More...

The Loss of a Mother

Mother and daughterBy Lorita Sajous

For those who do not know my story, I became pregnant two months after my mom’s stage 4 gastric cancer diagnosis. For nine months, we faced all obstacles together until she passed away in February 2013. I … Read More...

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Blog GuidelinesIf you have been affected by an illness or crisis, then you know how valuable it is to connect with others who have experienced something similar. People in the No Stomach For Cancer community, especially when first impacted by stomach … Read More...

A Nail in the Road

Jessica (pre-surgery)

Jessica (pre-surgery)

As I sit and listen to a group of mothers discuss their high school children comparing grades, class rank, community service hours and SAT scores, all set with goals of graduation, college plans and the perfect life afterwards, … Read More...

Stomach Cancer: Sharing the stories

Stomach cancer, patient. Stomach cancer, survivor. Stomach cancer, caregiver. Stomach cancer, friends and family. Stomach cancer, the whole family. Stomach cancer, the next generations.

Stomach cancer. It is in our lives, in hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s there in … Read More...

Thanksgiving gatherings: Gather the family, the friends, the food…and the knowledge

As you are well aware, November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. When we were discussing which month would be the most appropriate month for stomach cancer awareness, the choice seemed obvious; Thanksgiving is a holiday that focuses on food, something … Read More...

Thanksgiving Memories

Dad in the kitchen making a Thanksgiving turkey (circa 1990's)

Thanksgiving was always my Dad’s special holiday. For as long as I can remember, on Thanksgiving day he would be up early preparing the turkey, mixing the gravy, mashing the … Read More...

Familial Gastric Cancer, New Zealand


The discovery of a mutation in the CDH1 gene by New Zealand researchers in 1998 began with the McLeod whanau (family), a native Maori family who had a significant history of familial gastric cancer. They started on a journey of … Read More...

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