CALL TO ACTION: Help get National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month resolution passed NOW!

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Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) will introduce a resolution this month (September, 2010) to establish November 2010 as Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. greatly appreciates Senator Feingold’s endorsement of our initiative to achieve national awareness of stomach cancer. A link to the full text of the Resolution is available below.

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month will help educate people about stomach cancer, and highlight the need for additional research into early diagnosis and treatment for this deadly disease.

November is the ideal month for bringing new awareness about this aggressive and sometimes hereditary cancer to the United States because:

• The Surgeon General has committed to making Thanksgiving Day “National Family History Day”, emphasizing the importance of knowing one’s hereditary risks for disease.

• November, with its focus on food, nourishment and family, can be a challenging time of year for people with stomach cancer.

We need your help!

Let your Senator know that Senator Feingold’s Resolution is critical in the fight against stomach cancer.

View a copy of the proposed Stomach Cancer Awareness Month Resolution.

It’s easy and fast:

1. Find your Senator’s contact information.

2. Copy the contents of this Message to your Senator.  Paste it into your email message.  Edit the message and send it on to your Senator.

Thank you for taking a moment to get involved. Your effort will make a difference!

4 Responses to CALL TO ACTION: Help get National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month resolution passed NOW!

  1. Cindy Chelcun says:

    FANTASTIC, everyone! It’s great that so many Senators and Representatives will be hearing from all of us (many others are also sending messages, all over the U.S.!) THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    Great message of the challenges, Rose. I am hoping to meet your sister in Wisconsin next week!

    And BRAVO, Teri!! You have initiated exactly what we are hoping for in the area of physician education! Please do keep us posted on how the program is going, and also, if your friend would find it helpful to use my daughter’s HDGC power-point lecture, which she has updated for her alma mater, a graduate program for Physician Assistants in CT. We are making progress, every single day!!

    Cindy in Wisconsin

    • Teri Garin says:

      I will ask this physician if he would be interested, is the PowerPoint excessible on this site?
      Oh I also got a response from our senator Kllobuchar re the awareness campaign but not sure if it was a automatic email response. Hopefully it will get to her eventually


  2. Teri Garin says:

    Thankyou for continuing the awareness fight. November is meaningful to me as it was the month I had my TG(:
    I have brought the attention to educating new physicians through a physician friend (at the University of Minnesota hospital) about hereditary gastric cancer, this is something they previously never got info on. So during their surgical rotation they are now teaching about the existance of HDCGC and the importance of genetic couseling involvement with any gastric cancer diagnosis. I haven’t attended their session to see what exactly is covered but am going to inquire about doing so.


  3. Rose Evans says:

    Thanks for making it SO EASY to write to our senators in the U.S. Congress on this matter! I have sent emails to Senator Isakson and Senator Chambilss of Georgia. If you live in the US, I strongly urge you to do the same… it really is easy — just some copy/pasting, add a brief personal message (if you want to), and send it to each of your two US senators.

    I agree that November is a good month to be Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. My prophylactic TG surgery was at the end of October in 2006, and my first “real meal” after getting out of the hospital (not counting tube feeds) was Thanksgiving Dinner at my neighbors’ house. It was definitely a challenge! Even though I only had a few bites of everything, I had a few bites of EVERYTHING — because it was all SO delicious! Because of my “slight” overindulgence, my guts were SO FULL I had to JUST SIT at the dinner table for about a half an hour after I’d finished eating. Eventually I was able to get up from the table and socialize with the other guests for a bit. Then I politely took my leave and went back upstairs to our flat to lie down.

    Eating has gotten to be much easier since then, but I often still have challenges of some sort most of the time when I eat anything.

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