About Elizabeth A. Lambert

Elizabeth A. Lambert is a high school English teacher and serves on the Board of Directors of No Stomach For Cancer, Inc.

John’s March Against Stomach Cancer Raises Over $14,000 for No Stomach For Cancer

John Cardinale, who hosted John’s March Against Stomach Cancer in January, passed away on March 20, 2013 after a 2-year battle with stomach cancer.

He was a determined, inspirational man who was an advocate for this cause from the moment Read More...

No Stomach For Cancer Will Award $50,000 For Stomach Cancer Research

As you have probably read, the first annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk held around the world on November 3rd raised $35,415! This is an enormous success for our entire community!

Many community members have also organized a variety of … Read More...

First Annual No Stomach For Cancer Walk Raises $35,415 for Stomach Cancer Research

Walk UK

United Kingdom

Although we still have a few loose ends to tie up regarding the November 3rd Walk, we wanted to share with you the excitement, the success that every single member of this community made happen.

Honestly, when we …

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month Kicks Off Today!

November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®

In 2010, we were working with the US Senate to establish November as the first national Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. We found out the Resolution had passed only weeks before the start of November, and we did the best we … Read More...

No Stomach For Cancer Community In Action

Grafton students just prior to 'the one hundred' eventThe past month has been a whirlwind on many levels. I am a high school English teacher, so the typical end of the year busyness accounted for some of that. Also, because Grafton, the town in Massachusetts where I teach, … Read More...

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Recognizes Stomach Cancer Awareness Month® Efforts

Massachusetts General Hospital’s Cancer Center annually honors “100 individuals and groups for their diverse contributions to the fight against cancer.”  Congratulations to members of the National Honor Society at Grafton High School in Massachusetts for being selected as one of the … Read More...

Thanksgiving gatherings: Gather the family, the friends, the food…and the knowledge

As you are well aware, November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. When we were discussing which month would be the most appropriate month for stomach cancer awareness, the choice seemed obvious; Thanksgiving is a holiday that focuses on food, something … Read More...

Stomach Cancer Awareness Efforts Well Underway

Walsh Memorial Brunch

Walsh Memorial Brunch

Although we are just half-way through Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, everyone’s hard work is paying off as we are really getting the word out about stomach cancer and also raising funds.

Last weekend, there was a successful …

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