Great news about the Chelcun Family Fund For Stomach Cancer Research

The Chelcun Family Fund for Stomach Cancer Research has accomplished much, in a very short time. Our website is a leading resource (if not the leading resource) for information about HDGC and support for HDGC families worldwide. We are writing to bring you up to date on what’s been happening, and to announce a major step forward.

Our website at took off in a way none of us had anticipated. The statistics are astounding: visitors from 81 countries and every state in the United States; thousands of page views; families across the globe sharing their stories and connecting with others for support and information.

We’ve sparked a research study that will be led by Dr. Gregory Lauwers, a pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Details about the study will be announced soon on our website.

We’ve raised money! We received many contributions as memorials to Greg Chelcun; we also accepted generous gifts from our own friends and family. Please know how very grateful we are for these remarkable acts of kindness, honor and support. The story of the day, however, is that we are seeing an amazing outpouring of public support: from other HDGC families, Facebook, iGive, and the public at large. People are sponsoring fundraising events throughout the country, to support our initiatives. We’ve touched a nerve and we fill a need. And that’s what leads us to announce this next major step.

We recently incorporated a new nonprofit organization called No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. Over time, the new organization will house all activities of the current Chelcun Family Fund (and YES, Be Strong Hearted and Kia Kaha will remain a part of our identity!). No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. will undertake international fundraising for gastric cancer research, and will continue to provide resources and support for families affected by this devastating disease worldwide. This stand alone organization will keep on giving – to educate, to support families and to fund research – with or without the Chelcun Family. This is how we will make a difference, both now and for the future generations of families affected by HDGC.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, though, so for the time being you might hear sometimes about No Stomach For Cancer; sometimes about the Chelcun Family Fund; and sometimes about Be Strong Hearted. It’s a time of transition and we simply ask for your patience and understanding. Our funds are still being held in the name of the Chelcun Family Fund For Stomach Cancer Research at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, and your donations there remain welcome and tax deductible. Once No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. obtains its own IRS tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization, our board of directors will determine how and where to manage the organization’s funds – and of course we will let you know about all such developments as they occur.

We wish to reassure our donors that the contributions you have made are reserved for research, and will not be used for administrative or start up costs. We are seeking funding from other sources to cover the start up costs that will be necessary for establishing and maintaining No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. as its own entity.

Our website, which will continue to evolve over time, can still be found at or at

This is an exciting time of growth and we need your thoughts, suggestions and talents. The opportunities for taking part in this effort are limitless. If you wish to be involved in No Stomach For Cancer in any way (and we hope you will!) please contact us through the website.

Thank you all, for your continued support, and for Being Strong Hearted!

Kia Kaha,
The Chelcun Family

5 Responses to Great news about the Chelcun Family Fund For Stomach Cancer Research

  1. Darlene says:

    Congrats, international fundraising efforts for gastric cancer research is very exciting.
    I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and last November I had TG. Three of my sisters who live in Newfoundland have also had it done. Luckily we’re all doing well. Now my concern falls upon my two teenage children, so I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can on this end of the continent.

  2. Marisa says:

    Congratulations! This is fabulous news, and I’m excited to see what the future brings.

    I would love to help in any way I can. I work at the Arizona Cancer Center (no research on HDGC here yet – I asked) in Tucson , AZ and have been involved in fundraising for cancer research for the past 6 years.

    Thank you for your efforts!

  3. dgsmith707 says:


    I am a NYS government employee and I am our agency’s SEFA (State Employee’s Federated Appeal, a sub-organization of United Way) Campaign Manager/Agency Liaison. I am interested in knowing if you would be interested in taking on becoming one of our authorized charitable organizations. SEFA is the only NYS authorized charitable fundraising organization. I know that there is a process and that it is too late to get involved in the 2009-2010 campaign, which is about to start, but I could get you all the necessary information for the next campaign (2010-2011). Fundraising begins in October and runs thru December and pledges (contributions) are accepted by either payroll deduction (over a period of 26 biweekly pay periods, or whatever designation the donor wishes), or by one-time check or cash payment. I, too, am a CDH1 carrier, who had TG and bilateral mastectomy (due to lobular invasive breast cancer in 2008), so this group is very near and dear to me, and I would like to help in any way that I can. I am currently contributing to the City of Hope because that is where my genetic testing was done, but if your organization were to join SEFA, I’d like very much to contribute to you also. Contributions thru payroll deduction allow for larger donations because they are deducted over time.

    Please let me know if you’d like me to pursue obtaining the details on how to have your organization become involved with SEFA.

    Deb Smith

    • Karen says:


      Yes! Yes!, we would be thrilled to become involved with SEFA. Let’s connect offline and make this happen. People working together, that’s what it takes to make a difference. Thank you so much for getting involved!


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