July 2014: No Stomach For Cancer awards $100,000 in stomach cancer research grants.

June 2013: Registration opens for the 2nd Annual No Stomach For Cancer® Walk coming up on November 2nd to kick off the celebration of the fourth Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®. We are so excited to see participation and recognition of the month continue to grow, not only in the US but throughout the world!

May 2013: NSFC is excited to award a grant of $20,000 to Parry Guilford, PhD, Director, Center for Translational Cancer Research at University of Otago (New Zealand) towards the project “The identification of new drugs for the treatment and prevention of diffuse gastric cancer using high throughput compound screening approach.” This project was co-funded by The DeGregorio Family Foundation.

Dec 2012: NSFC proudly awarded its first research grant of $10,000 with an additional $50,000 committed to grant for a research project yet to be determined and granted. (June 2013, the $50,000 grant has yet to be awarded)

Nov 2012: NSFC hosted the 1st Annual No Stomach For Cancer® Walk, the first-of-its-kind global event to raise awareness about stomach cancer. United in spirit on this day were participants from more than 34 states and 10 countries. Together, over $35,000 was raised for stomach cancer research!

Sep 2010: NSFC initiatives result in Senator Russ Feingold’s (D-WI) introduction of Senate Resolution 655, co-sponsored by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). The resolution is passed by unanimous consent on September 28, 2010, establishing the month of November as Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®.

Sep 2010: NSFC develops a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of top researchers and gastric cancer specialists from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Portugal. These highly accomplished professionals will provide expert and comprehensive perspectives as well as guidance to No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. with regard to technical, medical, and research related topics.

Aug 2010: No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. receives 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.

May 2010: A new logo design and tag line are introduced. Supporting Research. Empowering Families. And that we are.

Nov 2009: The Chelcun Family Funds are transferred to NSFC, establishing a restricted fund for research funding, yet to be granted. In addition, an endowment fund is established at the Madison Community Foundation.

Sep 2009: A new corporation, No Stomach For Cancer, Inc. (NSFC), is established.

Aug 2008: The Be Strong Hearted website launches to provide information and support to other patients and families affected by stomach cancer.

Jul 2008: The Chelcun family establishes the Chelcun Family Fund for Stomach Cancer Research at the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin and efforts to raise money for stomach cancer research begin.

Jul 2008: The Chelcun family shares their medical news along with newly created Kia Kaha / Be Strong Hearted wristbands at their family reunion.

Mar 2008: The Chelcun family learns they are affected by Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC) caused by a CDH1 gene mutation.

Sep 2007: Elaine’s son, Greg Chelcun (56), is diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Dec 1982: Elaine Chelcun (52) dies from unspecified stomach cancer.

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