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Elizabeth A. Lambert

Elizabeth A. Lambert, MA

Board Chair

Worcester MA

A note from Beth

Roger Byers

Roger Byers

Vice Chair & Secretary

Verona WI

Roger has an extensive background in employee benefit programs, retirement consulting and related financial matters. In addition to many years in the insurance and financial services industry, he is a former Wisconsin Retirement System Benefit Specialist with the Department of Employee Trust Funds. He also is a part time instructor with the Madison College Business and Community Outreach program, and serves as a consultant with the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association in Madison.

Melanie Torborg

Melanie Torborg, CMA, MBA


Plymouth MN

Melanie’s husband, Tom, died of stomach cancer in 2012 and carried the CDH1 gene mutation. Since his diagnosis, ten members of his family (siblings and cousins) have had their stomachs removed. He saved many lives, and Melanie wants to contribute her talents to No Stomach for Cancer as her way of helping others who are struggling with this disease.

Melanie is the Program Director of the Accounting Programs at Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Business. She is also a Certified Management Accountant with over 20 years of experience in corporate accounting. Her favorite areas of accounting are budgeting, strategic planning, and financial statement analysis.

Dr. Natascha M. Santos, Psy.D.

Dr. Natascha M. Santos, Psy.D.

Long Island NY

Jennifer Lai

Jennifer Lai

Oxford UK

A note from Jenn

Jane MacKenzie

Jane MacKenzie

Massapequa NY

A note from Jane


Gretchen Borzi

Gretchen Borzi

Merrimac MA

Gretchen Borzi is honored to be a member of the Board of No Stomach For Cancer and is highly motivated to raise funding for more research and support patients and their families dealing with stomach cancer all over the world. She is a carrier of the CDH1 gene mutation, and received a total gastrectomy in July 2011 to help reduce her risks associated with HDGC (Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer). Since then, she has continued to live a healthy and fulfilling life and feels extremely grateful to be a part of this supportive community. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she lives north of Boston with her husband and two children, and works full-time in the marketing department of Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Karen E. Chelcun Schreiber

Karen E. Chelcun Schreiber

Founder & Past Board Chair (2009-12)

Madison WI

A note from Karen

Following a 31-year career in accounting, law firm administration and technology Karen celebrated her early retirement in 2005. Two years later her brother’s stage IV stomach cancer diagnosis started Karen down an unexpected path. Having lost her mother to the same disease 25 years earlier, her quest for information led to the discovery of the CDH1 gene mutation in her family that causes Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC). While planning for her own preventive total gastrectomy, she established the Chelcun Family Fund for Stomach Cancer Research and launched the first version of this website in July 2008, known at the time as Be Strong Hearted. This call to action grew out of concern for her family’s stomach cancer story; it quickly became about every family’s stomach cancer story.

Karen’s brother Greg lost his battle in early 2009. The lack of awareness of stomach cancer, funding for research, resources and support for those affected by the disease, and the grim survival rates highlighted the need for an organization dedicated to fighting this disease. Already a leading resource for those affected by stomach cancer throughout the world, it was time to move beyond the family. Karen founded No Stomach For Cancer in 2009, serving as Board Chair from 2009 through 2012.

Karen remained actively involved in the organization throughout a break in board service during 2013. She is back ‘on board’ in 2014 and her passion to further the mission of NSFC continues to stand strong!

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Recognition of Service

No Stomach For Cancer would like to acknowledge the dedicated and talented people who have generously given so much time and energy to serve on the Board of Directors over the years. Each one has made a significant contribution that has helped the organization and community grow and carry out our mission.

  • Allison Gritton, Verona WI
  • Kris Mehling, Milwaukee WI
  • Mary Ann Hutchinson, Triangle VA
  • Anne Greenlee, Bar Harbor ME
  • Meghan Gauger, Lake Mills WI
  • Elizabeth Russell, Madison WI
  • Cindy Chelcun, Stevens Point WI