Save the date for No Stomach For Cancer’s 2015 Worldwide Walk…to be held SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2015

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November 7, 2015

NSFC 2014 Walk











No Stomach For Cancer is kicking off Stomach Cancer Awareness Month® with our 3rd Annual No Stomach For Cancer® Walk.

WHEN: Saturday, November 1, 2014
CONTACT: Email NSFC or call 608-692-5141

Walk FAQ

Join us as we unite in action and spirit worldwide to bring visibility and increased awareness about stomach cancer into our communities and also raise money for critical research and to fund programs that foster awareness about gastric cancer!

The No Stomach For Cancer® 2014 Walk is not an event that takes place on a designated course at a specific location with a start line, a set course, measured miles, and a finish line.

It is a day on which you are asked to wear an NSFC 2014 Walk shirt and wristband while you “walk the course” of your day – whatever this is for you, whatever you want it to be – and be part of a worldwide day dedicated to raising awareness for stomach cancer.

We invite you to join the No Stomach For Cancer 2014 Walk and help us support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide to fight stomach cancer!

We hope you will wear these shirts proudly and wear them often to raise awareness about stomach cancer and support No Stomach For Cancer's mission. We are excited to offer Youth shirts in Periwinkle and a long sleeve option in Adult sizes this year!

We hope you will wear these shirts proudly and wear them often to raise awareness about stomach cancer and support No Stomach For Cancer’s mission. We are excited to offer Youth shirts in Periwinkle and a long sleeve option in Adult sizes this year!

The NSFC 2014 Walk provides an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for stomach cancer in a way that suits you, hopefully engaging people that you encounter throughout the day.

It may be wearing your shirt and wristband while spending the day at your kids’ activities, at work, at the gym, running errands, or spending time with family and friends.

Or, it may be just the inspiration you needed to gather friends, family, co-workers, and go out en masse and be noticed – to really make a statement! Many people are not aware of stomach cancer, and we need to work to change that. Please join us and register for this year’s Walk!





Over the past couple of years, our Walk and awareness events have raised over $100k to support the research and program initiatives of NSFC. We encourage you to organize an event that is meaningful to you.

Walk Shirt Size Charts

If you need some ideas, suggestions and a little additional support, please give us a call at 608-692-5141 to discuss your ideas.

Participating is easy! Just follow these steps:


    • Your registration entitles you to a 2014 Walk packet including: 2014 Walk shirt, 4 NSFC wristbands, 2 Stomach Cancer Awareness Month magnets and stomach cancer awareness cards
    • Registration: Adults $45, Youth $30
    • NEW this year!  Long sleeve adult shirts, and youth shirts in periwinkle!
    • Register by OCT 1 for guaranteed shipping of your Walk packet in time for Nov 1st. Advance registration will help us fulfill your shirt style and size requests.
    • Visit our Crowdrise 2014 Walk page to create your own fundraising page OR contribute to NSFC’s Walk Team to help raise funds for research, education and awareness.
        • Share your participation plans with your community! Read on to discover some ways you can help raise awareness for stomach cancer and Stomach Cancer Awareness Month.
        • On Saturday, November 1st, be a visible presence in your community as an individual or as a group by getting out and helping raise awareness for stomach cancer. Engage people in a conversation about stomach cancer. Hand out your extra wristbands and Awareness cards. Whether you’re walking down Main Street, or in the mall, your participation will make a difference. Be sure to share your photos and stories with us. Let’s show the world that we are united in our vision for a world without stomach cancer!

No Stomach For Cancer 2014 worldwide walkers

Be an ambassador for a day for this important cause!
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Help Promote the Walk!

Get the word out about the No Stomach For Cancer 2014 Walk!

Download Join Our Group posters to place throughout your community or a targeted area (your workplace or school) if you want to organize a group to join you in the Walk.

NSFC Join Our Group Poster


Find out how to order a Stomach Cancer Awareness Month Banner!

Contact us for more information or if you are interested in organizing a group in your area.

For display only. Please follow Stomach Cancer Awareness Month Banner link above for info.






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Help put a face on Stomach Cancer!

Contact your local media - TV station, newspaper, radio - and share your story. Tell them about the NSFC 2014 Walk and why stomach cancer awareness matters to you. Customize this press release, and send it out to the local media in your area. If you don't hear back, follow up with a phone call.  
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Discover More Ways to Raise Awareness!

Tuck a copy of Did You Know... in your pocket. Look for opportunities to engage people in conversation, with a smile of course! Get them interested in learning more about stomach cancer!  
Visit the Raise Awareness page to find more ideas including links to information about stomach cancer risk and prevention, awareness posters to print and items to purchase, for yourself or to share with others.